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Festival Bewerbung 2014

Mainz, Easter 2013
Dear players of plucked instruments,
Dear boards of associations,

in November 2012 we have already informed you about the planning of the forthcoming eurofestival zupfmusik 2014 in Bruchsal.
In the meantime we have completed and activated our web portal Please do understand that information as a “Kick off!” We, the federal executive board of the “Bund Deutscher Zupfmusiker” (BDZ - German federation of plucked instruments), are looking forward to your online application until the 30th June 2013 for an active musical participation in the eurofestival zupfmusik 2014 in Bruchsal.

In June 2013 all applications will be looked through by the musical advisory committee of the BDZ. They are also going to make up a first concert plan for the 4 festival days. This musical advisory committee meeting will also decide about the final participants of the festival in the name of the BDZ as the organizer of the festival, resulting in the binding feedback of “participation accepted/ participation rejected”.
To reject an application is in principle not in the interest of the BDZ, but due to limited stage capacities on these 4 days according to the number of applications it cannot be fully ruled out, by experience of the organization of the eurofestival in Bruchsal in 2010.
Please note the conditions of participation for the eurofestival zupfmusik 2014 which you can find on the web portal.
For further questions feel free to contact the federal office of the BDZ at We are looking forward to seeing you again at Bruchsal in 2014!

Bund Deutscher Zupfmusiker e.V.
Frau Theresa Brandt
Postfach 1320
D – 55003 Mainz

Your federal executive board of the Bund Deutscher Zupfmusiker (BDZ - German federation of plucked instruments)

Thomas Kronenberger Dominik Hackner Christian Weyhofen