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Invitation "eurofestival zupfmusik 2014"

Mainz, november 2012
Dear Fellow Plucked String Enthusiasts all over the World,
About two years ago, the Bund Deutscher Zupfmusiker e.V. (Federation of German Plucked String Musicians) held a great big plucked string party. The “eurofestival zupfmusik 2010” lasted four days and, with over 1,000 active participants from 15 nations, was the biggest gathering of plucked string musicians in the world. The German plucked string organisation has already begun planning for the next “eurofestival zupfmusik”, to be held in 2014. Once again, we would like to extend a hearty invitation to our plucked string friends around the world. We hope you will come to play, listen, party on and meet friends.
Make the “eurofestival Zupfmusik 2014” the reason for that special orchestra tour. Combine your vacation with a brief visit to Bruchsal, where you can play to an international audience in the Bürgerzentrum (community centre), on the Open Air Stage or perhaps even in the Bruchsal castle. Come and enjoy over 30 concerts, workshops and talks. Enjoy the beautiful and historical city of Bruchsal itself. Enjoy the delicious cuisine and the mild climate of South-West Germany. In the following weeks and months you’ll find all the information you need about the activities and the organisation under If you have already decided to come to the festival, we advise you to make hotel reservations personally at an early date. For help, just contact Bruchsal’s tourist information -  Our federal business office is happy to answer any questions you might have -
See you in Bruchsal in 2014?
Yours sincerely
BDZ e.V.